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A Last Kick In The Pants From Winter Sunday
Edmonton, AB, Canada

There are times right after you've traveled when you wonder why you ever decided to come home. You forget about the stresses and strains of traveling, and start to just remember all the fun stuff. These emotions are compounded when the place you live in looks like this right now:


snow in edmonton 

Caption for the next photo = What the heck is this???? 

snow in edmonton 

Yes, we thought we were being all sneaky, and completely missing out on winter. But Edmonton had a different plan, and the past two days have been marked by intense blizzards. We met so many people in Vietnam and India who said that they LOVED snow. Upon inquiring, we would always find out that they had, in fact, never seen snow in person. Well, to all those people, trust me, it's not so fun when you have to live it all day. We have 3 portrait shoots and a wedding this week, and have all this darn freezing white stuff to fight with!!!!


Anyway, this is a delay post until we get some more photos to put up! Right now Rob is working on the portrait sessions and weddings that we shot, and we definitely have to share more of those with you, because every time I look at his computer I get all excited about the photos! So just sit tight, and think warm thoughts until we post those up.



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