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We are rob & lauren: two professional photographers who love weddings and travel. This is where all of those things come together for us. Within these pages we hope you discover and sense our deep love for the cultures that we encounter and experience. Our biggest hope is that you come away from this site with a great understanding, respect and love for them and their ways. Enjoy!

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Photos for license Thursday

Hey everyone!

It seems like lately we've been getting a lot of requests to license our photos for magazines and textbooks (which is great!). Lauren did a great job of tagging all our photos and so when you search for things like "mendhi" in google images some of our mendhi photos show up! 

If you're a photo editor and you've been eyeing some of our work from The Wedding Travelers then definitely drop us a line. High resolution photos can be licensed for pretty reasonable rates.

If you're just some cool dude (or dudette) who saw our photos and thought they would look great on your wall then check out our travel print gallery

And finally since this blog has slowed down a bit since we've returned home from traveling be sure to check out our new wedding and portrait blog where all the new hottness is.




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The Other Side of Rob & Lauren Monday
Edmonton, AB, Canada

So when we're not off traveling foreign lands, Rob and I are wedding and portrait photographers here are home in Edmonton. Our job is a busy one, and we spend a lot of time hanging out with clients, and having crazy fun at a whole lot of weddings. At this point I'm pretty sure we've attended more weddings than most people see in a decade. 


What a better thing to do with this unique and exciting life than to blog about it? We have just launched a brand new, super amazing blog all about our lives as wedding photographers. It might not be as worldly as this one right here, but it sure is fun! Make sure you check it out at:




We will be spending time blogging on both the Wedding Travelers and Rob & Lauren, so now you have double the awesome! Can't wait to see you there!


Lauren :) 

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An Wonderful Email I'd Like To Share Sunday
Edmonton, AB, Canada

We got this email a little while ago, and I really wanted to share it here. Since returning home we've gotten wrapped up in our wedding business, and haven't been able to work on the Wedding Travelers very much. But Tara sent us this email that really reminded us of the power and importance of what we're doing. Since we're still so new to photography we often don't realise how much of an impact our work can have on people, and it was really wonderful of Tara to write and tell us how she felt about our photos. 


Anyway, thank you so much to Tara for her email. We will be working a lot more on this website to try and share all that we have learned.


Here's the email (posted with Tara's permission, of course :)


"Hi Lauren and Rob,


OK, I had a fellow photographer tell me about your site yesterday. I am of Indian origin though have grown up in the US. I'm just getting started in the wedding photography world and was telling this photographer that I want a logo that kind of shows my background with a little Indian twist, but something less cliche. Anyway she mentioned you guys and your cute little elephant logo, so I just looked up your site. 


Breathtaking. Inspiring. Amazing. I find that a lot of photogs that shoot Indian/Hindu/South Asian weddings in general, are good at capturing color, but sometimes not so great at capturing the little nuances of the ceremony and the traditions. I understand this because its hard to understand the significance of every little moment if you don't know the culture well and have seen the many traditions a few times. I am floored by your ability to capture this moments and the way you have absorbed yourself into especially Indian culture.


I would be honored to meet you at some point in life and I am just _SO_ inspired by your work because I would love to do the same kind of thing but probably am too scared! If you ever had a photog workshop or tips or anything or even needed someone to carry your bags, I would be there in a second, because I would be so so so so so happy to just chat with you about your experiences, I'm so curious as to what you have learned simply by traveling (not even getting to the photography!).


Anyway, Seriously I have so much respect for you, and thank you. Thank you for describing and detailing my culture's traditions so well and capturing the heart of it. I'm sitting here so welled up with emotion from looking at your pictures and so happy to see photography that has so well illustrated so many traditions beloved to me. Someday when I get married, you have shot right to the top of my list of possible photographers.





And I wanted to share a few photos that show some more of the beauty of India.


Three beautiful children that loved to smile at our camera from the seat behind us on a bus ride to Jaisalmer.

 children, jaisalmer, india


Details from a Jain temple just outside of Jaisalmer.

jain temple, jaisalmer, india 

jain temple, jaisalmer, india 


A incredible alleyway in Jodhpur.

 alleyway, jodhpur, india

And an early evening shot of the main clocktower in Jodhpur.

clocktower, jodhpur, india 


That's all for now. Picking out and editing those photos has made me deeply, deeply miss India right now.  






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Back At Home Thursday
Edmonton, Alberta

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for dropping by! We returned home from our travels on the afternoon of April 5th, 2008. A common question asked of travelers is “What was it like?”. I smile at this question and think about how much things have changed for us and how different we have become simply by traveling from one place to another. I can really only suggest that they start this blog from the beginning to answer that question (a special thank-you to those of you who followed us all the way, shared in our laughter and provided encouragement when we were left without words or photos). I feel that our time spent in India has certainly provided great insight into a very beautiful culture, and that we will most certainly be drawing inspiration from this trip for many years to come—probably our lifetimes!

Anyways after traveling for so long we have a ton of great photos that would look great hanging on your wall! Man, that sounds cheesy! The truth is that right now our new house is pretty empty and we plan on filling a lot of the walls with beautiful prints and canvases of this trip. We figured a few of you out there might enjoy a little Wedding Travelers souvenir yourself so we’ve put together a gallery of some of our favorite photos available for purchase. Photos will be printed on either professional Kodak Endura Lustre paper or super awesome canvas and shipped to whatever cool place you call home. As mentioned before we will be donating 20% of the profits from these travel print sales to the Multiple Sclerosis society of Canada. Just click on the following link “I want a print!” , pick a few cool photos and then go find some warm cozy wall space for your new prints. If there is a photo found somewhere on this blog that you would like to purchase that’s not listed in this gallery then drop us a line and well make sure to add it. Also if you’re a graphic designer or would like to use our photos for any sort of commercial purpose than a hi-resolution file can be licensed and made available for download!

I know they've been posted already, but I just couldn't help posting a few of my favorites below that I think would look awesome as prints

Wedding Travelers Gallery


The Wedding Travelers Gallery 


The Wedding Travelers Gallery

 The Wedding Travelers Gallery 

The Wedding travelers Gallery

The Wedding Travelers Gallery

The Wedding Travelers Gallery

The Wedding Travelers Gallery

 The Wedding Travelers Gallery


We're never going to be able to decide what to get printed! Again, click here to see the whole gallery.

 With our wedding season about to take off we’ll be shifting our focus back to our regular photography blog. Please direct your attention there for a continuation of the mind blowing Rob & Lauren photography experience (I can’t say that with a straight face, who could?). All of that said, the Wedding Travelers will still receive regular blog updates (albeit less frequently). We would like to start featuring other cultural weddings. If you’ve shot a cultural wedding and would like to provide an article and a few snazzy snaps then we would love to post it on here! Please e-mail us to let us know what type of wedding you've shot and the details that make it so beautiful. We will also be posting little travel tips, maybe some short travel photography tutorials, as well as reviews from the places we’ve traveled. I think next winter we might try for either WT: South America or spend a couple months in Bombay (again!) so if you’re in either of those areas and interested in wedding photography be sure to get in touch with us.

It’s been a blast.

Rob & Lauren

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The Most Visually Stunning Film Ever! Sunday
Edmonton, Alberta

Hey Everyone!

Lauren and I are still working on getting everything caught up here which is why we've been relatively quiet on the blogging front. Expect things to pick up though! For now follow the link and check out this movie trailer.


We have physically stood in some of the exact same places this movie is filmed! And actually if you check out our Jodhpur video below you'll see some of the exact same shots! Thanks to the viddler user who tipped us off to this. I can't wait 'till this movie comes out. Man, I already miss traveling.

Talk to you guys soon,


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