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We are rob & lauren: two professional photographers who love weddings and travel. This is where all of those things come together for us. Within these pages we hope you discover and sense our deep love for the cultures that we encounter and experience. Our biggest hope is that you come away from this site with a great understanding, respect and love for them and their ways. Enjoy!

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Photography Resources Monday

I know I’ll be repeating myself when I tell you that the Internet is your best resource but it’s true. This time I’ll throw some web addresses at you and give you a good idea of what you’ll find where.


Streamline Web Development and Design


The ultimate web developer, and the genius behind the programming of The Wedding Travelers - Jon. This site would not exist without his incredible talent, and patience, and we can't recommend him highly enough to anyone who wants anything remotely web related done. Check him out and do yourself a service. 


B&H Photo 


The only place we buy camera equipment from. They have the lowest prices, the fastest shipping, and their customer service is unreal. I don’t think you find many combinations like that anywhere. The few times that I’ve had something wrong with my order they just sent a replacement right away. Pretty much anything electronic we check to see if B&H has it first because it’s likely a lot cheaper. When we’re at home Lauren and I both have a pair of Sennheiser HD595s (audiophiles unite!!!, checkout www.head-fi.org) which we got for 50%  of what we would have paid in stores.


Fred Miranda Forums 


This is an online photography forum. It was where we got our start in photography. Thanks to the help from these generous photographers around the world, we went from not knowing what shutter speed and aperture meant, to now traveling around the world taking pictures. I strongly recommend forums to all newbies to photography, as they are a fantastic place to ask questions, and just soak up incredible amounts of knowledge. A caveat though: you’re not going to get to be a great photographer just reading, so make sure to always take what you’ve learned online, and actually go out and practice it! This site also has a lot of great reviews of lenses and gear, to help you pick out the perfect one for your needs.




The place for all things battery related! Sterlingtek batteries are great and last way longer than the standard canon batteries.




This place is great for reviews of all kinds of Camera bags. Ever buy a camera bag and wonder how you could possibly fit everything they say you can fit in it? Check out this site, there may just be pictures from some dedicated individual who proves it can be done.




This has become a mecca for off camera flash users.


Luminous Landscape 


This is forum similar to Fred Miranda, and a great place to start learning about photography.


Open Source Photo


This is a forum started  by legendary wedding photographer turned entrepreneur David Jay. The people on this forum are so chill and so helpful!


Photography On The Net


Again, similar to Fred Miranda. We use this board mainly for the buy/sell as a place to list gear.




I actually found a cool place to check out country specific photography reviews and tips. It’s also a cool places to check out tons of different types of photography.




This is a community we haven’t spent a lot of time at yet, mainly cause we haven’t had a lot of time lately. I’m really interested by what I see so far and I’m looking forward to working with it more while traveling!




Don’t know how to use photoshop? Neither did I! Lauren already had some chops but I was totally out of the loop. Lynda is a great place to learn basic-intermediate-advanced photoshop skills. And it’s super easy learning through their flash videos! I definitely recommend this site to anyone needing to learn virtually any program. Check ‘em out!


Dan Heller


A great place to start on the business of photography.


White House Custom Colour


The professional lab to get your prints done at!


Canvas On Demand


Canvases are fun, we definitely need a lot more of them. Once we get back from traveling our house will be full of them!