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We are rob & lauren: two professional photographers who love weddings and travel. This is where all of those things come together for us. Within these pages we hope you discover and sense our deep love for the cultures that we encounter and experience. Our biggest hope is that you come away from this site with a great understanding, respect and love for them and their ways. Enjoy!

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Travel Resources Monday

For travel resources the Internet is your best friend! You can buy plane/train/bus tickets, book hostels/hotels, and Wikipedia your travel destination all online. The public library is also a great place to get some general info about a travel destination. Our library (www.epl.ca), lets you search the entire citywide circulation and then have books delivered for free to your local branch. When Lauren and I went to Greece a couple years ago we actually borrowed a book from the library, took it with us, renewed it online while we were traveling and returned it when we got back. I think the renewal had expired and we had to pay a couple bucks for late fees, but it was still a lot cheaper than buying the travel book. On the inside cover before we returned it we wrote that the book had actually been to Greece! Beside books in general as a resource, a specific book we’ve traveled with a lot is the Lonely Planet series. They’ve seemed pretty up to date for all the traveling I’ve done. What I really like about them is that every hotel/hostel they’ve recommended that I’ve stayed at has always been a safe place to stay. There’s nothing worse than feeling paranoid about your accommodations. Lonely Planet guidebooks also offer itinerary suggestions, great restaurants (for differing budgets), sights to see, fun things to do, and tons of little travel tips. They’re a great resource to really help you get to know the country. Just remember to keep an open mind, use common sense and always travel cautiously. Just because it’s in the Lonely Planet doesn’t mean “This is where it’s just like home” (which seems to be a common mentality among some travelers). Conversely just because it’s not in the Lonely Planet doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing. I would recommend a list websites for where to buy budget airline tickets/train tickets etc but the reality is whenever I need to get somewhere I either just google it, or walk into a travel agency!




The place travelers hang out online! Have a specific question not quite covered in the guidebook? Chances are somebody has an answer for you on this forum. It’s definitely the best place for some first hand and up to date info on any country you’re traveling to.

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Like the Thorn tree, but on speed and specific only to India. Besides the forum, you’ll find travel articles, photos, and even recipes to make some tasty Indian food.


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