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We are rob & lauren: two professional photographers who love weddings and travel. This is where all of those things come together for us. Within these pages we hope you discover and sense our deep love for the cultures that we encounter and experience. Our biggest hope is that you come away from this site with a great understanding, respect and love for them and their ways. Enjoy!

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Wedding Resources Monday

We'll be updating this page more in the near future, as we find cool things for people planning their unique weddings, but for now here are a few good place to check out.


Suhaag Weddings 


A Edmonton-based event coordinator specializing in Indian weddings. We have worked with Monica on multiple occasions and always have so much fun together! If a stress-free wedding day sounds like a good idea to you, definitely give this girl a call!


Wedding Bells 


An online forum for Canadian brides to share ideas and recommendations. Nice to feel like you're not alone in all of this!


Best Destination Wedding 


For all the brides going through the craziness of planning a destination wedding, this site is for you. There is a very helpful forum on this site, and we've met some of our destination brides through it! Very cool!