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We are rob & lauren: two professional photographers who love weddings and travel. This is where all of those things come together for us. Within these pages we hope you discover and sense our deep love for the cultures that we encounter and experience. Our biggest hope is that you come away from this site with a great understanding, respect and love for them and their ways. Enjoy!

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Why Monday

Our very first wedding ever was an Indian wedding. So was our second one. And in our first season of shooting weddings, a third of all of them were Indian. In that time spent with the couples and their families, we learned so much about these different cultures. We shot Hindu weddings, Sikh weddings, Muslim weddings, Ismaili weddings, Bengali weddings, Punjabi weddings, and hybrid weddings. And the most incredible part of all of it was the people we met. They would sit down with us, and explain, with pride and love, the customs of their people. Never have we felt more welcomed than at these weddings.


And yet, when we would spend time talking with other photographers from around the world, many would ask questions like “I have an Indian wedding, what should I do?”. And that question saddened us.


We realized that so many people knew so very little about these types of weddings. To assume that all Indian weddings are the same is very very off the mark. Each religion, region, and even village have different traditions and ceremonies, and most people didn’t know this.


So we thought, what does our industry need that we can provide? And that answer was knowledge. We can help other photographers learn about these weddings, and prepare them for the crazy experience that is an Indian wedding!


Even more than that, though, we want to help everyone learn more about these other cultures. Nothing hurts us more than to hear of prejudice or exclusion based on religion or culture. We very honestly believe that if more people took the time to learn about other traditions, they would see how very much the same we all are. We can very honestly say that we have never been better treated than at these weddings. The love, kindness, and compassion shown by the guests and couples has blown us away, and we hope that one day people will see how wonderful it can be to experience other cultures, and to get to the know the people behind them. It’s the most rewarding experience in the world.


And so was born The Wedding Travelers. With the simple goal to educate, we are traveling to other countries, to learn more about the people and their traditions. We want to get some awesome pictures out of the experience, and to meet some amazing people. And at the end of the day, we’re writing about what we learned, to create a resource for photographers, brides and grooms, and anyone who wants to open up the doors to see what these cultures are like. We honestly and truly believe that a little bit of education, and a lot of love, can change the world, one person at a time J